PACBIC Committee meetings will be paused for fall 2022. Meetings will resume in winter 2023.
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Disability, Inclusion, Madness, Accessibility, NeuroDiversity (DIMAND)

Disability, Inclusion, Madness, Accessibility, NeuroDiversity (DIMAND) Working Group endeavours to identify and recommend to the University, through PACBIC, the prevention and removal of barriers that persons with disabilities encounter on the main campus and other McMaster sites as well as through programs, policies, practices, and services provided by the University. 

DIMAND will:

  • Provide forum for discussion, reflection and learning on issues of inclusion and accessibility.
  • Work collectively to provide commentary on systemic ableism and saneism within existing PSE policies, systems, and environments.
  • Collectively work together to raise awareness in public forums through the development of events and event series, to amplify marginalized scholars, professionals and community members working in disability, accessibility, and critical disability / mad studies fields.

We are a disability justice focused working group comprised of members who bring scholarly, professional, and lived lenses of accessibility and disability inclusion, and critical disability and critical mad studies working to identify, anticipate and proactively address issues affecting Disabled, Neurodiverse and Mad people within the University community and relevant to those seeking access to the University to advise PACBIC on such issues. We are comprised of undergrad and grad students; employees; instructors; faculty; tas; RAs, etc. (part-time and full-time).

Anyone within the McMaster community who experiences disability, disablement, chronic illness, and/or a health, mental health and/or addiction concerns. Allies to these communities are also welcome in the group. (Staff, students, faculty / instructors).