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Disability, Inclusion, Madness, Accessibility, NeuroDiversity (DIMAND)

Disability, Inclusion, Madness, Accessibility, NeuroDiversity (DIMAND) Working Group endeavours to identify and recommend to the University, through PACBIC, the prevention and removal of barriers that persons with disabilities encounter on the main campus and other McMaster sites as well as through programs, policies, practices, and services provided by the University.

Expandable List

  • Identify, anticipate, and proactively address issues affecting the equity-seeking communities of consumer/survivors of the psychiatric system, Mad people, and people with mental health disabilities both within the University and relevant to those seeking access to the University and advise PACBIC on such issues.
  • Provide a forum for discussion, reflection and learning on issues of inclusion and equity in mental health, Mad Positivity, Anti-Saneism, and community-building, including community-building among Mad peers on campus.
  • Provide advice to PACBIC on the planning and development of policies and programs related to or impacting mental health from the lens of “building an inclusive community with a shared purpose”, both within the University and the broader McMaster community.