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Priorities & Planning

Priorities & Planning

Priorities & Planning (P&P) functions as a coordinating and steering committee of PACBIC.  It usually meets once a month between October and May, approximately ten days in advance of the general PACBIC meetings.  P&P is responsible for executive and administrative decisions including planning PACBIC meeting agendas, anticipating emerging issues and working group activities, determining how best to channel PACBIC recommendations/ concerns / questions into the university’s infrastructure,  preparation of the annual report, oversight of the budget and approval of funding requests for PACBIC sponsorship or support. From time to time, P&P convenes small ad hoc groups to respond to particular or emerging issues or to explore how best to take them up.  Membership includes all Working Group Conveners. 

Dr. Ameil Joseph (PACBIC Chair), Convener

, Resource Person from the Equity and Inclusion Office

Convener Orientation Package

The PACBIC Working Group Convener Orientation Package will be available in June, 2016. The package provides information on meetings, working with resource persons designated from the Equity and Inclusion Office, funding for working group activities and other information related to conveners' roles responsibilities.